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Date Last Updated

22 September 2020


Union Jack Oil plc was established as a company to identify drilling, development and investment opportunities in the United Kingdom hydrocarbon sector

Country of Incorporation

England and Wales

Registered Number


Main Country of Operation

United Kingdom

Takeover Code

Union Jack Oil plc is subject to the provisions of the Takeover Code

Details of other Exchanges and Trading Platforms

The Company is not listed on any other Exchanges or Trading Platforms

Securities Information

  • 19,815,906,325 ordinary shares of 0.025p each
  • 6,074,510  unlisted warrants in issue
  • Nil shares held in treasury

The percentage of AIM securities that is not in public hands (as defined in AIM rules): 2.31%.

Significant Shareholders

  •    8.11% Barclays Direct Investing Nominees Limited (Client 1)
  •    7.54% Interactive Investor Services      Nominees Limited (SMKTNOMS)
  • 7.19% Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited (15942)
  •   7.16%  HSDL Nominees Limited
  •   6.38% Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited (HLNOM)

Details on Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities

There are no Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities

Directors and Committees

Corporate Governance Policy

Key Advisors


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Interim Report

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Admission Document
(dated 22 July 2013)


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Memorandum and Articles of Association